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Personalized 1-on-1 or group language classes for adults, corporations, and teachers - tailored to your goals and interests.

Why choose us

More than 1500 students and 25 years of experience

Vilte Orange, school founder and professional trainer with a passion for language teaching, will lead you on an exciting journey of learning to unlock your full potential and help you achieve your goals.

Cambridge DELTA Certified Language Teacher

MA Language Education & BA Art Education

Language Trainer at the Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre

What you get

Learning based on your
needs and wants

Get confident

You’re bound to fall in love with yourself as a language speaker.

Track progress

The teacher will figure out what works best to achieve results fast.

Have fun

You learn best when you feel happy and motivated.

Made for you

You tell us what you need. We’ll help you get there.

How we do it

Dogme ELT methodology:
talk about here and now

Dogme is a learner-focused method that involves interactive, engaging, and meaningful conversations in real- life situations. The trainer will address grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation emerging from these conversations, so the primary focus is on the learner’s immediate needs.

Learn to speak by speaking

Learn what you need and want

Learn from authentic materials

Choose a course

English language courses:
1 on 1 & group sessions

For individuals

1-on-1 coaching to get 100% of the trainer’s attention or group sessions.

Prepare for a conference or event

Sound more direct and confident

Learn language for work abroad

Mainly online

Individual coaching

Small groups (up to 8 people)

For companies

Courses depending on your team’s needs.

Speak clearly and to the point

Master pronunciation

Improve communication skills

Topics of your choice

Online or on-site

Any group size

For teachers

Hands-on workshops and job shadowing for teachers.

Become the best teacher

Improve reading skills

Choose other relevant topics

Workshops for school teams

Individual blitz consultations

Group training for teachers

Watercolour course

Feel the joy of playing with colours and textures. Explore the media, principles of composition and common watercolour techniques. In every class, you’ll create an amazing painting.

Storytelling with paint

There is a story behind every painting. What’s yours? Listen to stories, imagine, and paint. It’s the best relaxation after a busy day and you deserve it.

Get creative

Creative courses: Watercolour & storytelling

Run away from the routine. Immerse yourself in a creative environment. Enjoy both the creative process and the product.

Creativity & theory of painting

Zen-based principles of watercolour

Small groups (up to 8 people)

"For me, Vilte’s classes were a blessing. I like it when language is just learned as if by itself, when the class is so interesting that I forget that I’m in a language class. I get engaged in a discussion and the language barrier disappears because the topic is fun."

— Adrija Čepaitė


Vilte is a bright, open-minded and goal- oriented professional. She has lots of expertise in the field. She is also very enthusiastic and knows how to motivate people. Vilte has good communication skills and is very positive, which was very important for me.

— Radostinas Roussev-Peinas

CEO, Lidl Lietuva

Vilte is not just a teacher – at the same time, she is a mentor who knows how to support you, encourage you to achieve your goals and pursue your dreams. No doubt, she’s the best trainer I’ve ever had – I’ve never had a chance to learn language in such an attractive and light way. New knowledge and skills appear as if by themselves, without any effort.

— Jolanta Montvilienė

IT Delivery Manager, Telia

Our events

Nemokamų seminaras: Anglų kalbos daiktavardžiai.

 Kovo 14 d.  19.15-20.30 val.

Much knowledge? Many knowledges? 

The news are good? arba The news is good? 

I need an advice? ar I need several advices? 

Kaip taisyklingai? Jeigu abejojate, šis webinaras jums.

Ketvirtadienį, kovo 14 d., 19.15-20.30 val. 

Seminaras vyks anglų kalba ir skirtas Elementary – Pre-Intermediate lygio besimokantiesiems.

Seminaras nemokamas. Registracijos nuoroda žemiau.

See how we work

Free resources

Free video lessons for learners & teachers

How to start my first class?

We teachers are always stressed before the first class with a new group. What activities can we plan for our first meeting to reduce this stress?

Develop listening skills – really fast!

Here comes a simple yet effective scheme to improve your listening comprehension – try it and your ears will start “catching” English language really fast

The secret of learning vocab

How to expand your vocabulary? By drilling? Translating every unknown word? Writing them in your note-book?


Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the courses

How to get started?2023-05-16T13:34:17+00:00
On Calendly, book a free online call with your teacher. Ask questions and explain your wants and needs. The teacher will help you choose the best option for your training. Not in the mood to talk? Fill in the contact form or simply email us – info@kalbaspalva.lt
What is the price of the courses?2023-05-16T13:26:36+00:00

For individuals

  • Group language courses – from 125 EUR/month (4 hours a week).
  • Individual coaching – from 44 EUR/60 min.; 58 EUR/ 90 min.

For companies

  • Group language courses – from 12 EUR/per class per participant.
  • Individual coaching – from 44 EUR/60 min.; 58 EUR/ 90 min.

For teachers

  • Group language courses – price depends on each programme offered.
  • Individual coaching – from 44 EUR/60 min.; 58 EUR/ 90 min.
What are the usual times of the courses?2023-05-16T13:36:37+00:00


  • from 7.30 and 9.00 am


  • from 2:30 pm


  • from 5.15 pm

Corporate training and individual sessions are scheduled according to your needs.

What do I need to have for an online class?2023-05-16T13:37:02+00:00

Make sure your Internet connection is stable. See if your microphone and camera are working properly. You don’t have to be muted during the class unless you are in a noisy place. You’re welcome to enjoy coffee or tea during the class.

Do I need to take a placement test?2023-05-16T13:37:40+00:00

No, there is no need for a placement test. The teacher will estimate your overall level during the online conversation with you.

Do you have a course for total beginners?2023-05-16T13:38:00+00:00

Yes, and it’s extremely popular with students! Join a course for beginners and start speaking a new language in two months!

Besides English, what other languages do you teach?2023-05-16T13:38:23+00:00

We offer Lithuanian, German, Spanish and Italian courses.

Do you just teach languages?2023-05-16T13:38:44+00:00

Our watercolour and mixed- media classes are an unforgettable way to relax, learn a new skill, and create a piece of art.

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